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My Priority Issues

  • To create safe, secure, non-threatening environments for all students and staff - There is an increased need to ensure that all of our facilities are secure.  I support having trained Security Officers in our buildings. Acts of violence, bullying, harassment, intimidation, gang activity, and other destructive behavior cannot be tolerated. Students and all workers must be encouraged and held accountable for displaying respectful, responsible behavior.
  • To acquire competitive salaries – In order to provide the best learning opportunities for our   students we must have highly qualified employees.
  • To support educational programs that meet the needs of all students – We must provide for all learners – Special Education students, gifted and talented students, Honors Class students, and those above, on, or below grade level. We must continue to focus on closing the achievement gap between high-performing and low-performing students. We must support educational programs which prepare all students to be successful and meet their full potential.
  • To recruit and retain quality teachers and staff to create a diverse workforce – We should strive to make our county appealing to all applicants and thus recruit and retain a quality diverse workforce.
  • To effectively manage the budget to meet priorities - We have to manage our CCPS budget and promote communications concerning our priorities and needs.

Citizens for Patricia Ann Dorsey
Richard Huss, Treasurer
Gregory A. Dorsey, Chair
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